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Copy & Paste Not Working

Hi, I’m unable to paste any elements from between projects or on the same project. The Paste button is not working (either command V or right click on the mouse)

Any solution?

Try clearing cache & browser data. Or try using another browser like chrome. (Official supported by Webflow)

I tried and did not work, now I found this functionality is removed?!

Looks like they disabled the context menu function. Command C/V should work regardless.

Maybe try copy and paste an element selecting targets on the navigator?

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve tried Command C/V on Safari and Chrome on both iPad and Mac, nothing worked. :expressionless:

Jup @ChrisT my copy paste is also working. Try selecting a other element before pasting the element. @TeamNoirstone


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Hi MXI Thanks for your feedback, I tried again and found that it works on the Mac, but the browsers on iPad still aren’t functioning.

Do you mean using the Designer on the iPad and trying to copy/paste? If so, it’s not yet (fully) supported so issues here and there are to be expected.

For now, until the iPad support is improved, I’d recommend using a traditional desktop experience :+1:

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That makes a lot of sense~ Thank you

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