Can't Copy or Paste Within Project

I’m trying to copy and paste within my project but it is giving me a error message that reads: “Couldn’t read native clipboard data”

My commands were already using Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste, but I went ahead and updated my computer’s keyboard shortcuts as advised on the copy and paste tutorial in Webflow University, and it’s still not working.

Copy and Paste didn’t work for me within the same project, nor did it work from a separate project that I had cloned.

I could really use some help.

Here’s the project I’m currently editing::

Copy and paste are no problem on my computer. You probably changed some short key settings on your computer. Maybe an app you installed that causes this? Then Command+C is changed in doing something else.

Hey @dopegasm,

I can’t reproduce the error this end either. Did you manage to get it working? If you have the option of trying another machine, as I suspect it is still likely your machine causing the issue.

I’ll await your reply.

Hey @HGWeb , the only thing I’ve changed while building the site is downloading the Webflow chrome extension.

My short key settings are still the same on my Mac keyboard - like copy and paste works within the text boxes, just not pasting sections, div blocks, etc.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe during this time

Thank you for responding @magicmark,

I feel like it could possibly be a small bug because it definitely was working at one point.

But, I found a small work around – I use the short key to copy the section and then go to Edit in the top Chrome toolbar to select Paste (not paste and match style)

This is still a little tedius but it will suffice until I find another solution.

I’ll try another computer, as you suggested, when the quarantine is over. I hope you are staying safe and healthy :grin:

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