Copy -> Paste between pages not working (Chrome/Safari)

I’m trying to copy a navigation element from the Home page to a Collections page (per ‘Creating a custom portfolio’ tutorial instructions). After copying the element and going to the destination page, Paste options are greyed out in the contextual menu:

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Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Justin_Heidenreich,

Thanks for the heads up. I will let the support guys know about this. But just a side note, when you see something like this specifically you can also submit through the support button in the bottom left of your designer.

Here is a short video for a work around at this time:

@rileyrichter @Brando, @johnramos @rileyj_s any of you guys can forward this up the engineer (food) train?

Happy Designing,

Update: ‘Cmd + V’ works to paste the element (not sure why I didn’t try that first). Seems there is a bug with the menu though.

Thanks @QA_Brandon

:+1: Glad I could help you. We all forget the simple things from time to time.

I have the same issue also???

@Corey_White Did you use keyboard hotkeys to copy/paste, or the contextual menu (right-click)? The contextual menu is bugged as far as I know still, but keyboard hotkeys worked for me.

cheers mate ill try it

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