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Paste inside, Paste befor, paste after

Hi everyone,
This is my first question.

Why can’t I activate my paste inside or paste button when I made a copy of something of my landingpage

All the best

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I did some tests and sent a message to @Brando because I found odd behaviors:

  • both paste options will never be ready in the contextual menu (as you describe @Brian_Karma_Kriger_N)
  • Shift+cmd+v turns to a message tat Shift can’t be used
  • if you copy something, then open the contextual menu, then try to paste, there’s nothing to paste

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Hi @Brian_Karma_Kriger_N

Thanks for posting and good question — I’ll chat with the team on this to see what the expected behavior here is and get back to you.

For now you can paste content using the keyboard shortcut + V (CTRL on Windows).


It looks like this was introduced when cross site copy paste became available. It’s doubtful we’ll bring these options back anytime soon, though. Going forward you can use the above keyboard shortcuts to paste elements as needed until we bring back a paste option to the context menu.


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