Cope CMS project layout to a new static page

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of building my portfolio website and now having trouble with this CMS project layout. So now I had a complete layout for my three CMS projects, and I want to create another page that has the exact same page layout as my CMS project page. When I copied the section from CMS project page, it won’t let me to paste it ( due to permission issue). I’m wondering if anyone else have encountered such problem as well? Is there a way I can copy the template I used in my CMS project and paste it in the new page?

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Working Portfolio


Hi Ruoyi, you can sort of hack this.
In your designer, create a readonly link, same as you’d do here for forum posts.


  • Open that link in a new browser window, and navigate to your collection page you want to copy structure from.
  • In your main designer view, navigate to the static page where you want those elements to be.
  • Copy from the read-only view to the designer view. Webflow will unlink the CMS items as you go.

Hi Micheal,

Thank you for your help! When I select the entire section in the read-only view to the designer view, it says that the clipboard is empty. Even when I try select just the text box, it says that too in my designer view.

Aaaah that’s right. Readonly won’t work here, you’d need to clone the site instead and work from the clone. Webflow doesn’t realize the site already belongs to you.

Got u! That means I need to work in a paid workspace right?

So I would first of all showcase my site on the marketplace, and then clone it from there to be able to copy paste it right?

You just duplicate the site, you don’t need to showcase it.

If you’re on a free workspace plan you’ll be limited to 2 unhosted sites total.

Thank you for your help! it works now!

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