CMS unbinds when copying from a cloned website, which messes up the styling

Hi there,

I am new to Webflow and am trying to make use of some of the free templates/cloneable websites available.

I would like to add a cloned feature to my website, a horizontal timeline from here: how-it-works-scroll-horizontal - Webflow

However, when I try to copy paste it from one project to the other I get the notification that CMS bindings are removed and the whole sytling is gone:

So, I go to the cloned page project and remove the bindings by going to CMS>steps>settings>view connections and remove them all until there are no connections
Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.06.25

When you go back to the site in designer, the whole layout is messed up

When I copy it to my own project, it gets even more messed up.

I understand that it gets more messed up because there is no CMS binding in my own project, but how do I tackle this all and is there a way to go around this? Adding the data in a CMS is something I think I could figure out (but don’t know how to do now) but if I would have to rebuild all the animations and all, there is almost no use in cloning. Is there a way to copy from the cloned website with all the CMS bindings in tact? Or why can’t I just edit it manually? I would like to copy from more cloned websites as it’s a great tool but I can’t find anywhere online how to do this.

Thank you very very much in advance!

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Copy of The Leaf)

I named the section in question forum-help btw so you can find it:)

Hi Hugo,

When you copy-paste a CMS bound element from a different project, those bindings have to be removed but all of the structure and style should still be there. You just need to give it new content. You can do that as static or CMS content, up to you.

The only styling you might lose is limited to certain overrides that can be CMS bound such as text color and background images that you can find on the element settings panel.

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your reply!!

I figured that this was doable but I still ran into problems. If I unbind all CMS from the site I want to clone (to then copy it), I can’t manually edit some parts as they remain purple on the cloned website (see SC) although in CMS it says everything is unbinded

So in the cloned site from which I want to copy, I can’t edit and if I copy it to my own site to see if I can edit there, the whole lay out disappears

If you would know what to do, that would be greatly appreciated!!

Here is a read-only link to the cloned site from which I want to copy in case you might need it: Webflow - Clone timeline

That looks like a bug, but there is a known bug in that if you copy-paste an element onto a page that already contains an element with that same class, you’ll duplicate the element on your page instead of pasting the one you want.

A way around that is to wrap the element you’re copying in a DIV first, with no class and then copy the whole DIV containing that element. That may be what you’re facing here.

If not, try disabling all browser extensions.

if that doesn’t fix it, you may be encountering a new bug… and support might have a solution for you.

Thank you very very much for the quick reply! I have put the ‘clone me’ layer in a div lock on the cloned website and then pasted it in the container I already had on my own website but unfortunately this didn’t work (I believe this is what you meant right). I also believe I had the ‘problem’ with same classes already before, but then Webflow just automatically changed the name and there was no problem so I think that bug is kind of fixed.

I also disabled all extensions from my browser but this didn’t work either (after refreshing).

Thnx for the help but then I think it’s a ‘bigger’ problem. It’s unfortunate because I also ran into the same problem for another clone. They are great features but now I can’t use it. Or, it could be that I would still be doing something wrong. If you or anyone knows anything I would love to hear! But thanks anyways

Maybe, I’m not sure. Just in case-
You have two sites - source and destination.

In the source site

  • Wrap the item you want to copy in a DIV, with no style class
  • Select that DIV
  • Copy that DIV

In the destination site

  • Paste it

This usually circumvents the class-based copy bug, but that may not be what you’re facing here. Worth a go though.

Hi there, yes you understood correctly and that’s what I’ve done but unfortunately it doesn’t work yet…

I’ll write a ticket about it. Thnx!