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Continuously show the Navigator

I find that I continually switch back and forth between the style and navigator tabs, in the right column.

It would save me tons of clicks and time to be able to show the navigator continuously, so I can effortlessly change the active item, when quickly styling up things.

So, somehting like this, where the yellow box just highlights the navigator:

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Interesting idea.

have you tried using the key board shortcuts? I find it a real time saver to use the ‘s’ and ‘f’ keys to toggle between the style and navigator panel.

Here are all of the other shortcuts.

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Cool, thanks, yea, that should improve my workflow a bit!

Only that ‘f’ clashes with the main shortcut in vimium (chrome plugin) … will see if I can change it there.

Is it possible to change shortcuts in webflow btw?

Hey @saml you can always use the onscreen navigator panel which sits fixed along the bottom of your screen :smile:

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Ah, yeah, that helps a bit too … although only when moving upwards in a hierarchy, right?

That is correct, and to answer your question from earlier, no you cannot change short-cuts in Webflow. :slight_smile: I just toggle back and forth using the main key binding mentioned above by Alex (as I don’t use the vivium chrome extension). Can you re-assign the short-cuts in vivium @saml ?

Hi @Waldo yes almost, I just realized that vimium has a nifty little feature to “turn off” a certain key, for a specific site, (or URL pattern really), so I now just turned off the ‘f’ key for*! Problem solved!

(For how to turn off keys in chrome/vimium):

Thanks all for the quick feedback and ideas! :smile:

I’ll try out using the shortcut-keys for a while and see how it goes!

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Always happy to help :slight_smile: happy Webflow-ing :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask us questions anytime!



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+1 for ability to always show navigator – would be a real productivity boost. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful but always visible would be great.