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Style and Navigator panels must be individually accessible

Maybe this feature already exists, I’m not sure. Anyways, it would be geat to be able to separate the different panels on the right. Specifically the Style and Navigator, I’m often finding myself having to select an element using the Navigator, then to switch to the Style tab to see the properties of the selected element, this REALLY slows down my workflow. It would be way better if I could simply have the Navigator panel seperated from the other panels, this would allow me to select an element and then immediately see it’s properties in the style tab.


I was only thinking about that yesterday. I think, if the users monitor width allows it, there should be an option to open more than one panel to the right side by side. I use an iMac 27" and have plenty of space to do that, I suspect a lot of other WF users would have as well.

You’re right that the constant clicking back and fourth to swap panels uses up quite a bit of time.

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holy mother of god yes. please please please. would make the work 2x faster.

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Since Webflow works through a browser and I don’t know about a browser can span two screens. But I’ll settle for two panels within the browser :smiley:

use the shortcut keys