User Interface suggestions

Hello Webflow team,
I would like to present some suggestions that would make working in Webflow much faster from my point of view. This is personal feedback from my own experience with the tool:

While the Navigator is useful to re-order elements and clean up structure, it doesn’t do much in terms of navigation. When you double-click and element, like the HTML embed element, I would expect it to take me to its element settings tab so I can edit the code, for example.

Not being able to select multiple elements in the navigator is also limiting.

Since the Navigator doesn’t provide any shortcuts to editing the actual element, I would suggest adding a drop-down menu above the tabs on the right-side panel so we can quickly jump between elements while viewing information important to us on the selected tab. I noticed that I can navigate throught the parents and children by using up and down keys, but I cannot move between siblings…

And finally not having keyboard shortcuts to re-order the elements (move up/down, bring to front, send to back) limits its usage greatly, as the spring-loaded groups are not really that friendly when dragging elements around.

I have been working with clients that need to update their photographs portfolios often, and some of them have the same work (image) under different pages. The fact that replacing an image doesn’t actually replace the file makes it really hard to control what is being used and what isn’t. Also, I have to replace these photographs in several pages instead of just replacing one file and having all instances of it follow.

It would be great to be able to filter assets with a search field, and a way to view which assets are being used on a particular page.

Selector Targets
There is a little aim/target icon below a selector that says “X on this page, Y on other pages”. I don’t quite understand the utility of this other than accounting. I have many times clicked on it hoping it would select these objects on the current page, or show me a list of them that i could navigate through (sorta like a find feature), or maybe activate a replace class mode that would replace the classes on all of them?

Keep up the great work with Webflow :slight_smile:

I have to agree and say there are many times I wish I could select multiple elements in the navigator. Definitely would be so useful, maybe while holding down the option or command/control key while selecting. Double clicking to bring up that elements settings would be a nice shortcut as well! You should put these on the wishlist so these features could get upvoted and actually implemented!

As far as assets go… If you use the CMS collections it will replace the image in all instances. For uploading images I will say one thing that I really wish was there for the CMS collections is the option to select another image or asset within the assets folder instead of always having to re-upload from the computer. When you are building in Webflow without using the CMS though it’s as if you are building a static site, which kind of makes sense why you would have to upload or change the image in multiple places.

As for the Selector Targets, I feel it’s definitely helpful that it will highlight every element with the same class on the entire page and show how many instances of it exists elsewhere, although again, it would be helpful to make this a wishlist item as well to expand on that and see if it gets upvoted enough for Webflow to have to make these features a reality.

Glad you shared these! :call_me_hand:


How is this still an issue? I just went through learning all I could about CMS to find this out.