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Navigator Flyout

Hi webflowers! The number of times I find myself clicking from the Styles tab to the Navigation tab in the Designer gets repetitive and annoying sometimes (even S and F) - especially if I only need to change one thing on multiple classes. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but could the navigator tab ‘flyout’ (as a second option) and work along side the Styles tab? It’s just an idea - don’t know if it would work or is even possible - I just wanted to share my thoughts. It would really help to reduce the amount of mouse clicking and back-and-forth needed sometimes.

Regards Kai

EDIT! What are your thoughts?! :smile:

Hahaha, we all want that, I’ve made this mockup 3 times already :smiley:

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Go to the whishlist to check for an existing ticket, if not create one and I’ll vote for it :slight_smile:

LOL! D’oh! :blush: I thought it might be the case! Thanks Vincent! There’s nothing on the wishlist I could find… Regards! :smile:

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