UI : Separate the NAVIGATOR panel from the rest

Using webflow is a pure joy. Specially with all recent features like custom code per page, SEO per page, all other small tweaks… and of course the CMS rules.

There is a time though, when a vain on my forehead starts pulsing… caused by webflow. Hear me out…
Usually something is behaving unexpectedly once published or there is a complication out of the blue that I’m trying to gain control of… And at that time, the Navigator panel becomes an issue. Having it as part of everything else (Either/Or) makes it distracting and in fact it blocks my flow state of work (no joke). And that’s what give me the headache.

It’s usually times when I’ve been working at a project for a couple of hours and ready to wrap up this phase of development and I’m tweaking some final things… So I’m anxious to see the final fruit of my full concentration for the past couple of hours… and I need to compare elements and perhaps find out who is blocking who (or pushing this other thing off a bit) or just in general creating this unexpected behaviour once published… Well switching between the Styles Panel (or the Properties panel; Or maybe the Interactions panel) back and forth with the Navigator, locating the first element, switching back to Style/Properties/Behaviour, switching back to Navigator, skimming throught to find the second element, then back again, you get the idea… Comparing 2 elements’ any type of properties is far from ideal. Or maybe it’s just me. Would love to hear if anyone can relate to this… Or if anyone has an advice for a more effective way of performing such task. Cheers.

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Like this! I have a big enough screen to have several panes next to each other; it would be nice if we could detach panels so you don’t have to switch between them all the time.


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