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Class Children Display in Style Panel (eg. Mini Nav on Hover)

As I’m working through learning Webflow, it’s apparent that a best practice for nesting Classes is to start any class definitions at the “top” of the Navigator tree, and move down with overrides/nesting as necessary.

I think there can be a UI improvement to facilitate this practice.

In the Styles pane, near the Selector input, have another “input” that will always make available a tree of the children of the current selector on hover, and disappear after selection or mouseout.

That way, you can systematically style down your Classes tree with a “hover+click” while remaining in the Styles pane rather than a “click+click+click” (click-to-get-to-navigator, click-to-choose, click-to-get-back-to-styles.)

If there is a shortcut I’m missing, please let me know.

Well, it would help if I had seen the keyboard shortcuts: S and F

This would still be a nice addition, but S+F is just as good.

Excuse my waste of electrons.