Contact Form w/ Zapier: Capture Select/Dropdown text and value

I am currently using Zapier’s Send Outbound Email to send form submissions to different email addresses based on the value of a form select field. I am able to capture the value of select field which is the email that the form sends to, however i’d like to be able to label that data in the outbound email with the text that the user selects.

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Hi @sabelli,

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I’d assume only the value is getting passed to Zapier.

You could use custom code to send an additional value, or there may be some options for conditionality on the Zapier side where you could specify that text based on the email address that comes through.

I’m happy to help brainstorm further!

Hey there! Thanks for the quick response. Both of those sound like promising solutions, I don’t know how to execute though. I’m not a developer.