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Send form to email address based on select field option


I have a form on my site that has a select field with 10 options (they are locations). I would like to have the form submission go to a specific email based on which option is selected. For example, if location “texas” is selected i would like the form submission email to go to … If the location option “Idaho” is selected, I would like the form submission email to go to

I know this is not possible out of the box and have set up some Gmail filter/forwarding rules in the past - but cannot figure out how to do this based on the selection of a specific option (since this info is in the body of the email not the subject, before I would filter/forward based on the subject).

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this with either custom code or gmail filtering/forwarding? Thanks so much.

Form emailed to dynamic email address: You need Zapier to read in the email address field and then forward it to the email address

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