Form Logic with Select Field

Greetings! I’ve got a form where we have a few items in a form select field. Is there any way to send email notifications to different users based on what the visitor selects upon submitting the form. For example, user selects option A in the form, upon submission, an email is generated and sent to If user selects option B in the form, upon submission, an email is generated and sent to When I am in the logic flow builder, the select form is not available to run any conditional rules against (the other form fields are there). Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Even if we have to go outside of Webflow for a solution here!

I haven’t tested selects with Logic, so I haven’t seen that, however one way to solve this is;

  1. create a separate plain text field
  2. wrap it in a hidden DIV so it’s not visible to users
  3. populate that field using script with the currently selected value when the select changes

That will ensure Logic can get that value now, until selects are supported.

Hi @memetican, how can I proceed with that final step? how can I populate that field using script?

Learn JS :slight_smile:
The code will depend entirely on your page setup, form setup, etc.

You might set it up first, give those elements IDs, then look into how to detect a select change and set a textbox. Chatgpt can help you too.