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Form Field Response to appear in Subject Line

Hi There

On a form submission, is there anyway to get a form field response to appear into the Subject Line of your form response notification email?.

Specific to a user selecting an option in a dropdown list. I’d like that option to appear in the subject line of the notification email.


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The closest option available natively is to use the formName variable. You can find this in your site Form settings. You could reach out to Webflow and see if they suggest anything else.

Hi Caleb

Yes thanks, i am aware of the siteName variable. I know you could also do it via Zapier, but i just wanted to avoid any 3rd party integrations. Would be useful, almost like Typeform, to include form field responses into notification emails.


Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. The only work around I found to avoid the 61$/mo pro Zapier plan was to write my own PHP action and rent a server for 2$/mo.

Fix for this here How to add input data in subject line of Webflow form submission