Dynamic ability to change the mail to which the letter will be sent

Hi all. In general, I have a task in my project where I need that when one of the radio buttons is selected in the form, the mail to which the letter will be sent changes. Is it possible to specify some variable in this “Send form submissions to:” field so that when submit is clicked, it sends to the correct mail. If this is not possible, please describe what options exist to solve this problem. UPD: I also heard that there will be a new update for webflow and one of the points was mentioned by Webflow Logic. Did I understand correctly that after this update it will be possible to solve this issue or I did not fully understand the essence of this “update”. Thank you for your attention

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Yes you’re thinking on the right track.
There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but you’ll need some form of automation to handle your unique email notification requirements outside of Webflow’s default form handler.

Zapier and Make, can definitely do this, and Webflow Logic should be able to as well though I’ve not even had a chance to open it yet.

Incidentally I have a special form handler that lets you integrate Zapier & Make webhooks easily while keeping Webflow’s existing in-page-results design. You can even handle success and error messages specially. If you go down that route and need better control over your sending form behavior, let me know. Still working on docs.