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Custom Domain setup confusion

I am confused on how to set up a custom domain. I see that I need to update the following:

In my new site, I have the following, which I can edit and add to. What I don’t know -

  1. Which A records do I edit?
  2. Do I add duplicate records because there are two ip addresses in the webflow instructions
  3. Do I add a CName record?

I’m just afraid of messing stuff up. Thanks so much for the guidance!!

Hi @Sandy

(1) for the “”, change the type from “A” to “CNAME” then, in the next box, replace the IP address with “

(2) In the next line, add “”, “86400” in the next box, “A” in the next, and “” in the next

(3) lastly, In the next line, add “”, “86400” in the next box, “A” in the next, and “” in the next

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

It’s still not working. :frowning: Yesterday - I made changes to CNAME records for pointing my mail to Outlook - and I found the average was about an hour for it to propagate. It’s been about 8 hours now - and Webflow still isn’t seeing it. How can I tell if it’s been propagated or I set something wrong? It’s crazy to have to wait ‘24-48 hours’ to see if it works as they say is the time for propagation. Isn’t there some way to see if the settings are correct? I tried to go here: but am not sure what records I’m looking for in order to get these ‘A’ Records. Please help! I’m trying to launch this site and timing is crucial.

Here’s where I’m at. Webflow says:

And here’s my domain settings:

I’m also having this problem Sandy. I am using namecheap and updating via Cpanel, so that I can keep my webmail hosted on namecheap. However, namecheap won’t allow me to store two records with the same name, yet I have to store both IP addresses and the CNAME. Help @PixelGeek?

@Sandy - Please remove the highlighted record. please see below:


Here are two support pages I found for you:

For everyone else, here are some popular domain registrar support articles to help you modify your A-Records and CNAME:

Hope this helps! :smile:

I’d seen that and wondered - as it’s similar to the A record. But every time I delete the record - it automatically is added back in. So I took a chance and changed the value to I hope I don’t blow up the internet. I’m contacting their support to see why I can’t remove the record.

I am on the verge of tears!! The support at this registrar says that the A record is tied to the record and cannot be removed. That they are tied together.

Oh - and they said “Please be advised that CNAME is not fully-supported for the current account that you have. You can contact sales and ask if an upgrade is available for your account. They should be able to give you options that supports CNAMES.”

I have NEVER EVER had such issues with a registrar. I’m beginning to think this place is a big scam to upsell - or am I just ignorant on what the real issue is?

What am I to do?? Do I have to start over and transfer this domain to another registrar?? Update - just found out that I cannot transfer the domain within 60 days. And if I cancel - and attempt to re-register - I don’t know how long they will hold the domain hostage. Now I’m really on the verge of tears. This site was supposed to be live on Monday as we have time critical events.

I have been struggling with this for 6 days and losing precious time and sanity. PLEASE, please help.

Ok - just to update. I decided it’s not worth the issues of dealing with this registrar - clearly there are bigger issues on their side. We are going to abandon this domain name - find another one and register it with a reputable company and not continue to waste time that might be indicative of future problems. So to any that read this - 1. Do NOT use for your domain registrations. 2. All domain registrars are NOT equal. If you know of a good one, even if they cost a little more - they are worth it.

To the Webflow folks and Webflow community - you are absolutely AWESOME! I work full time as a PM for PowerBI at Microsoft and was just assigned to be responsible for growing our - and Webflow is the top of my example list of what we want to emulate! You’re concern, responsiveness and persistence to resolution are inspiring!!


Hi @Sandy, that certainly is a bizarre case with the domain provider, I too have not seen very many Registrars that do not support cnames on even the most basic of accounts. I am sorry and I feel your frustration :-/

If there is anything further that we can do to help, let us know :smile:

That is so awesome about the community you are building. It is great when people come together to help each other out :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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