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Network Solutions DNS

I need help. Network Solutions has a different interface than we are used to with GoDaddy. Attached are my current settings (which aren’t working) what am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

Here’s some info that can help:

Specifically - You only need two ‘A’ records: (Theses settings if you use SSL)
@ -
@ -
(So delete * (All Others) and

CNAME x 1 points to (alias)

Info from Webflow University:

Check and fix the A records

If the error is showing for your root domain, check that you have only 2 A records for the root domain (host=@), and that they are pointing to the Webflow’s servers.

  • If SSL is ON in your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: &
  • If SSL is OFF in your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: &

If you’ve set the root domain as the default domain on SSL hosting, make sure:

  • there are no A records on the root domain,
  • the ANAME or CNAME record on the root domain (host=@) is

Let’s us know if that works for you.

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I’m having an issue with getting the DNS to work with Network Solutions. I followed the instructions and it has been 3 days, and the site still has an SSL error. I have included a screen shot of my Network Solutions account. Have I missed something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Your CNAME record should only be www not the whole subdomain + domain. Try changing that.

Hey Jeff,

Here is a loom video showing all my settings.

Thanks in advance for the help!

@ricknielsen - is a wrong record. Should be


YOU ARE THE MAN! I’m a dumb-ass! I looked at that 1,000 times and didn’t see it!
I owe you a beer my friend!!

Thank you sooooooo much!

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You are welcome! Glad your issue is resolved and I could help. Typo’s are easy to pass by. Good luck with your project.