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Robertson Marketing & Branding - New Site

Here’s a new site that i’ve been working on. I think its finished but I just need a client’s approval

Robertson Marketing & Branding

Let me know what you guys think

great start. here are some couple of things a would fix:

  • Your imagery could be better. laptop, coffee, notepad visually communicates nothing. It’s just another work desk. Maybe find something more humanly engaging.

  • intro line is good, but the paragraph under it is really small. Plus you have an “orphan” at the end of the paragraph.

  • row 2 also has an orphan.

  • your background imagery colors go: green, green, white, grey. You should separate the two greens with a white somehow.

  • your UI design for your form input fields and the “SUBMIT” and “BACK TO TOP” buttons are all the same. Try differentiating the input field styles from the button styles so a user doesn’t get confused visually.

Thank you :smiley: much appreciated. its client imagery. he wanted me to use those

ask “him” if those photos really tells the story about the company. A picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words. So far those images are worth 4. With the first load of a website, the user should quickly have a bond with the design. A common story.


comic con website - - whats the story? who knows.

my redesign - - whats the story? it’s right THERE on the center of the screen with a video reiterating that story. Fans who love comics and how it’s part of pop culture.

Don’t just let your client walk all over you. Push for a better design. Cause in the end, you don’t want to just pump out mediocre work and have a mediocre portfolio. :wink:

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Took your advice! I think with the changes that i made, it looks much better:

better!! =D

two more things.

  • row 3’s big text has an orphan still.
  • row 4 needs a bit more whitespace at the top and bottom of the copy and that gradient needs work. Seems very harsh right now.

but overall, GREAT job! =D

Thank you. The gradient went bye-bye lol
but i did change the color per client request

I’m having trouble doing what you did into the background

  • where the text Not having a Marketing Plan is like not wearing a watch, and expecting time to stop.” is

What exactly are you having problems with?