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Company with 3 products

We got a freelancer who developed 3 landing sites for 3 products. Each product will have its own domain and design. He has exported the designs and I wish to publish (host them).
What is the best course of action? Do I create 1 account for each project and pay for the hosting?
Or do I need to create 1 lite account put the 3 projects in and host them? This does not make much sense as I am paying for the hosting.

Please help.

Account plans and Hosting plans are completely separate things.

What do you mean your client has exported the sites? Are they developed within Webflow? You can’t import code so if they haven’t been designed in Webflow, you would have to recreate them.

I imagine that having multiple free accounts is against Webflow’s ToS, but I’m not certain. A single free account would be fine though, I think, as you can have unlimited hosted projects (or, on the Free account, a maximum of 2 unhosted projects. So you only need a Lite account if you want to have more than 2 unhosted projects in your account.

As your client has 3 projects, you would need to ensure you get transferred the first two, host them both, then your client can transfer the final project for you to be hosted (max 2 unhosted projects in your account at any time).

Hope this helps!

Andy, thanks for your response very use full. I have reached out to him and although he has finished he has not been able to transfer as he is on a free and does not want to pay. but I have sudgested I will pay for 1 month just to move it, seems like a total waist of money just to move it.