What Subscription would best suit me?

Hi all,
I have just signed up for the free account, and I’ve been getting to know all about the software. So far I’m really impressed. So here is my question. I have several websites that I work on locally, only five at this moment in time but hopefully will increase in the near future.
So what subscription would you guys recommend?
I have noticed that with the free version I only get to add 2 pages, bit of a bummer.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The two page limit is only for “staging” sites (the ones on the webflow.io domain) so on the Free Account plan you can always choose to host the site on Webflow and have access to more pages and features.

Based on the fact that you’re working on a number of projects, I’d recommend going with the Lite Account plan—giving you more un-hosted development sites (10 instead of just 2)—as well as more robust staging site limits (100 static pages) and the ability to export your projects to host outside of Webflow.

Thanks mike,
Thats the plan I was interested in. Does the price include the hosting with Webflow?

Each site is it’s own project and requires it’s own hosting plan, so if you had three sites that you wanted to have hosted on Webflow you would have to purchase three Site plans.

You can always host projects to host elsewhere (as I mentioned above) however keep in mind that to take advantage of CMS or E-commerce functionality you’ll need to have the project hosted on Webflow. While these features are not included on your exported site, you can export both CMS collections and products to import into the system of your choice going forward.

If exporting and hosting elsewhere is more cost effective, Udesly has a tool that allows you to convert your exported file to a number of platforms including Shopify, Wordpress, Ghost, and Netlify CMS. I personally think the value of Webflow hosting is great as it’s blazing fast and my clients love working with the Editor to update CMS content.

OK thanks. I can see that can get expensive really fast, unless your client is paying for the hosting. But thanks for your advice.

Of course, glad I could help out!

In terms of cost, I would strongly recommend you’re passing the hosting fees onto the client as this is common practice. Some folks opt to charge a monthly “management” fee instead, however this would almost certainly cover the hosting costs plus any additional overhead.