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Webflow Plans for Freelancers | Hosting Plans

I am still as confused as ever about the web flow plans. I just played around with the platform and really quite like it. I am a freelancer with 5 websites built with Wordpress and hosted with Siteground. I have 2 websites in development locally.

I would like to be able to start working with webflow as a freelancer, collaborating with clients.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. Do I need 2 plans to do this? One for building and using the platform and one for hosting?

  2. What plan provides unlimited hosting?

  3. Can I build the websites on webflow and host on siteground?

I really would love to have everything on one platform however, I am still confused with webflow pricing plans.

Really appreciate your help as such a great platform.


Hey @FastFahey,
Welcome to Webflow!

If you only plan on sticking with 2 websites then No, you will only need the site plans to host them as the free account plan still allows you to build and publish 2 sites. If you want to have more than that however, than Yes.

The Account Plan lets you open more sites and grants some other features such as Code Exporting and Site Password Protection Features. However! You can stick with the free account plan but you will be limited to a total of 2 sites at a time. (Client Billing is still enabled on the free plan along with the ability to host your site)

The Site Plan is what you will use to host an individual site for a monthly or annual fee.

You will need the Pro Account Plan to have unlimited projects (unhosted) and you will need to purchase a Site Plan for each site you want to host!

You can purchase the Lite Account Plan which allows exporting of the site code which you can then paste into another website provider such as Wordpress. (I have never used Siteground before so I cannot bee 100% on it)

I hope this helped!


Pardon the interruption Mary, but I just signed up for SiteGround, and am ready to get rolling with WebFlow’s Pro Plan.

Do we have any incompatibilities I need to be aware of hosting sites on SiteGround that I export WebFlow code from ?


Welcome to the community @Glennzone!

Webflow outputs HTML, CSS, and Javascript files upon exporting a project so I’d imagine you won’t have any issues regardless of the hosting provider :+1:

In the future, please feel free to make a new thread if you feel like a question you have hasn’t already been answered. Not only does it help keep threads on topic but it makes it easier for other community members to see questions that don’t yet have an answer.

@mikeyevin :

Yes, understood. My apologies. As @FastFahey was specifically speaking about SiteGround, I just wanted to touch base on her progress on the common combo of SiteGround and WebFlow together for some perspective and perhaps lessons learned.

Thank you,

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