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Client plan to have 3+ websites hosted on Webflow, does he need account plan?


As you can see in post title, my client have a tricky question.
He plans to migrate few websites from WP and he’s asking me dose he need account plan for 3 or more websites hosted on Webflow?

If user add hosting plan does he/she get 2 new slots for projects with starter account?


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Good question,
I have one hosting and it removes it from the account plan, you still see it and design, edit the same but its removed.
I cant see why this would not be the same no matter how many you have.
Accounts are for working projects, or to show previous work before handing over to clients account.

That’s how it works.

There is a great explanation video from Nelson too:

So, if I understood @PixelGeek correctly free account owns 2 slots for new projects as long as previous projects become hosted.
Basically if you have 2 unhosted project you are left with 0 slots left. BUT, if you host one of those you’ll get one new slot…
Is this correct?

I have just received the email from Webflow support.
Free account can have unlimited amount of hosted websites and 2 unhosted projects at any time!

Think thats what I said :wink: