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Colorful, single-page ecommerce site for Youtube star Roi Wassabi / Guava Juice

Colorful ecommerce site, selling the toy-filled "Guava Juice Box” to young fans of the youtube star Roi Wassabi / Guava Juice.

I had a blast exploring webflow 3D transforms and making over-the-top button interactions.
After burying the graphic designer in me and embracing the fact that I was designing a site with rainbows, gradients, strokes, drop shadows and gifs, it became a fun and freeing experience to create this site!

The clients were very happy with the result and the site has successfully generated an unexpectedly high number of sales since its launch in late October.

As always, I’m interested to hear the webflow community’s feedback, thoughts and suggestions. Especially since this site lives outside most traditional web design.

(Note: the buy buttons pointing to an external site was by client request.)

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looks great! can we see a link please?

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Hah, thanks @PixelGeek. Fixed.

whoa! Cool 3D interactions!!!

ok after taking it all in, i don’t understand the initial message of the site. What is this site about?

I think it would be nice to make your current hero row a second row. Then the new hero row say something like “a fun monthly subscription box fill with 100% awesome sent straight to you!”

(i’m not a copywriter, but hopefully you get it)

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