New e-commerce (shopify buy buttons)

Hello fellow creatives!

I’m here sharing my new website 99% built using webflow. I’m using shopify buy buttons to manage my inventory and shopping cart.

I called this project 30 days - 30 shirts, a creative project to help build daily. I added this new shop to help generate some funds for school. Please follow the link, share your opinion, and if your up to it, make a purchase. It all goes towards a good cause. I begin international study in September so every purchase goes a long way!

Thanks in advance, please reach out for any tips or questions you have!


Jonathan Barnes


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Hello @tiednknots

I liked the animations at the bottom for the player. My only suggestion there is that every time I hover it it automatically covers to whole screen I would leave that as a click option more than hover, the first time it’s ok but after a few times that accidentally hovered over it it was a little bit annoying.

I hope this makes sense.

You have a nice site and lovely cause.

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Hey @aaronocampo

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definetly make that adjustment. I like the hover option as I don’t think many people would think to click it. Maybe I can make it hover for the first interaction and click after.

Hey @tiednknots ,

It’s not just the shop, you made a very nice website overall here… :+1:

There one thing that bothered me in the shop though, and it’s the inconsistence in the hover effect for the different tshirts… I’d personaly prefer always having the same, but that’s might be the right side of my brain fighting the left side…

On another note, I was very impressed with the open rate on you email campaigns, it’s very good, well done !!! And I used to send millions of emails a year, so I know what I’m talking about…


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Thanks for that feedback. I made the adjustment! 1st interaction is on hover but 2nd interaction is on click. I think this lets the user know the option is there and they can interact with it if they wish. Definetely got annoying after the 3rd or 4th time accidentally hoovering it. :slight_smile:

Hey @Pasint, Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely make that adjustment. I noticed it to be a bit off as well but wasn’t sure how obvious it was.

and thank you in regards to the emails. I have more email campaigns I’ll be adding in soon. I’m happy to see you enjoy the site!

Great site! Can I be cheeky and ask how you created the animated logo at the bottom please?

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Hey @ConnectCreativeDes, I actually found it somewhere online and tweaked it a little… It’s simply a pageloader gif.

Ah ok, here’s me thinking you’ve created it with some wizzy 3D software :):grin:

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