Collection without CMS possible with External Hosting?

Is it possible to have Collection Items and not use the CMS? I am trying to setup a self hosting package where we export the site with no CMS for clients to host on our servers (non-Webflow) and then I would make updates for them as needed in the Designer. After making updates I would Publish again.

This is mainly for sites I maintain myself. Can I add collection items in Designer and publish it all to external hosting or do I need the CMS hosting? For my own sites I don’t really need a CMS. I know forms won’t work but does all else work?

Does the exported code include my CMS and Ecommerce content?

CMS and Ecommerce content (databases) aren’t exported. Collection lists will show the empty state. Collection pages will also not show any content that’s bound to Collection fields as well.


So it looks like exporting the collection data is not possible. I will go all status on sites I want to host on my own server.

All other with collections we will host at Webflow

Maybe this feature will be helpful for you: