Code Export to Hostinger

Hello! I have a potential client who wants to have a CMS website.

He doesn’t mind me using Webflow to build the website. However, he can’t afford Webflow’s hosting plans, which is why the ideal workaround is to export the code from Webflow to his hosting provider (Hostinger).

After reading on Webflow University, I found out that code export won’t include the CMS collection.

Does this mean that exported code won’t contain a CMS?

Site’s not being built yet, but I want to address this issue early stage.

Hi @jcyee Yes, you cannot export the CMS platform. But you can export the Collection data as a CSV file:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That helps a lot.

Another question: if the Collection data will be exported, can we still manage/upload CMS contents on webflow and just export them again to so that he will have updated contents on his hosting provider? If so, do we need an active webflow plan for that to happen?

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I’m curious about this too.


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