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Exporting Code / CMS use on external hosting

Although the CMS hosting auto-setup is nice within Webflow, we need to be able to host on our own hosting.

Unfortunately, it seems as though once we do that we cannot access the CMS. For example, I can go to and it brings up the login modal, but if I try to login it says “invalid request.”

Am I doing something wrong, or is it simply not possible to use the CMS when exporting to an alternate hosting?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Nick_Woods At this time, you cannot export the CMS platform. you can only export your site’s static HTML, CSS, JS and images

Hope this clears up any confusions :slight_smile:

Is this on the roadmap for the future? I’m a fan of Webflow, but you can already see the issues with permanently tying the CMS to the Webflow platform.

Or… if there were a way to add your own hosting information at least

What issues are you seeing?

Let’s say I have 10 different client websites I’ve built, and they’re all set up through hosting in the Webflow CMS. If any one of those clients has a specific request for functionality that’s not included in the Webflow CMS or they want to change hosting, they’d lose the entire CMS build.

Also, if for some reason Webflow doesn’t work out as a company, all clients would lose their CMS and we’d have to rebuild with another one. It just makes more sense for the system to be modular and flexible.