Export CMS Data (text and images) in order to keep it in another hosting as "archive", so no longer CMS needed

I did a website on webflow with CMS hosting plan (I designed it for my client and its hosted on my webflow account).

He needed the CMS Hosting for just a period of 5 months, and now, he wants the website to be hosted in another server, as a sort of “archive”, external to webflow, but he wants to keep the CMS Data. He no longer needs to actualize it or update any further data, so no CMS function is needed.

So I exported the CODE, but all Items / pages included within the 2 CMS Collections I have (text with photos), they were not included.

What can we do?


You could import the CMS data from the CSV into another CMS and wire up the template pages.

Another alternative is to use wget and create an archive copy of the site. As long as a page was linked wget can crawl it and download it. You might have to control the rate as to not get blocked.

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