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I have collections…I want to add a custom sort order. I have added a column called sort_order. I have added a value to each item in the collection for that column. I cannot find the ‘set sort’ button referenced in the docs anywhere. This is really easy to do when dealing with a ‘real’ database, it must be easy to do in Webflow

Please assist…feeling stupid. I’ve attached two screenshots stitched together that show everything I see on the collection in question


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OK…making some progress. screenshot below…found where it can be set…query level, which makes sense. I have set it, correct sort_order shows on the designer…but not on published page. Any help is appreciated, as it is taking way to long for my little brain to figure this out.


Hey Mark, you’ve got it right, and if you’re republished you should see that sort order on your published Collection List. It’s as simple as that; if you’ve published and still getting weird results, try sharing your project links.

Hi Michael and Mark,

Here is my public share link:

I am having the exact same problem ie. the custom sort order field is added, then numbers assigned from 1 to 24, sorted based on this field and from smallest to largest, saved and when republished, the items are not sorted. Just please note this sorting is about products in the eCommerce shop on my Webflow website, but it shouldn’t matter which collection I am trying to sort out. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Hey Roman, here’s your same collection list under your current configuration, with your custom sort order shown as a text field. Blue box.

The order looks good to me.

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, the order looks fine, but yet in the eCommerce shop I don’t have this particular order I am afraid. Please see below. The product with Custom_sort_order #23 is first, followed by #24, #1 etc. Not sure why.

Thanks again for your help.

Public link is Webflow - Dreads n Locks

Are you referring to this page here?
It does not have a sort order set-

However, also with FS filter, it’s common to use FS sort so that users can choose to sort by price, rating, name, etc.

Hi Michael,

Thanks. Yes, I am referring to that page. I am still to boil in other filters / sorting options, but for now, would like to sort based on those numbers 1-24. Are you able to direct me how to do it? Thanks again

Just sort on that field, you can see the setting on the right side of my screenshot.

Great, thanks so much again Michael.