How to sort CMS Stories

I have a few stories I want one that is new to the CMS Collection to be sorted at the top how can I do that…

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Hey @Michael_J,

Click on the dynamic list > click the + icon on ‘sort order’ (right side of designer mode) > select the first field to ‘created on’ and then the 2nd drop-down field will make sense, ‘newest to oldest.’ If you still don’t know how to do it, let me know and I’ll make a quick video walkthrough.

Hope this helps.


Thanks nwdsha, I added a time and date to the thing, and do a sort by date
But as luck has it… now I need to resize a few photos when I double click the photos
it does not let me go to the designer… Darn it… User Error is a constant issue with me
but Im not giving up

I try and try to get my feet on the ground with styling the Dynamic List items… Not much training on it online. Its the hardest thing for the beginner…

@Michael_J, Hang in there! Everyone starts as a beginner and even “experts” continue to grow and learn too. The forums here are a great place for community support.

There’s also Webflow University which is full of top-notch training material including articles, walk throughs, and videos. It’s an invaluable resource. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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Thank You, Matthew
Yea I’m Burning up the Gigs on Webflow University for sure

it’s really awesome… Takes me 5 hours to watch a 30-minute video.

My issues are all user error… No Doubt.

You’ll get there! Keep up the hard work and keep visiting the forum.

thanks so much I appreciate the help