Can't change order of CMS items

Arent’t I supposed to be able to change the order of the CMS items in the Designer by drag-n-dropping?

See video: CleanShot 2024-03-14 at 13.20.12 · CleanShot Cloud

The list of all my Collections is a mess. They are not even sorting alphabetically. Is that an option somehow?

The CMS has some database-like characteristics.
One is that the data is unordered, and ordering is handled in the view only.

You can do sorting in the designer CMS view by clicking column headings, for convenience, but it does not affect how the data is presented.

To control ordering on a page, place and bind your collection list and then use the sorting option for the field you want.

If you want a specific manual sort order, add a numeric field and number your items, 10, 20, 30, etc.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t mean sorting of items shown in the website, but sorting of the CMS Collections shown in the left panel in the Designer (see screenrecording here: CleanShot 2024-03-14 at 13.20.12 · CleanShot Cloud)

I can drag-n-drop the Collections, but they don’t change order after dropping them.

Got it, I have never tried manually reordering those.

The pages panel has some sensitivity regarding the drag and drop reordering. Sometimes it helps to drag, hold it for awhile in your target position, then release to drop it.

You were right Michael! If I reorder the collections slowly, it works. Weird, but I’ll settle with this behaviour for now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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