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Collection & Product Structure

Looking for a second opinion before I commit to a site structure.

What would be the best way to structure a lot of collections and products?

We’re building an eCommerce site using Shopify & Webflow. We’ve done it before with a smaller brand and it worked great.

The problem I have is we have a lot of collections and within those a lot of products.

Method 1
Create everything in CMS Collections.

The problem I have with this is for the main collection landing page, it will always be down on a second level, e.g. /driving/ferrari when ideally I want the url to be just /ferrari/ for SEO (and to map the existing urls from the website we’re replacing easier).

Method 2
Use CMS Collections for products and Pages as Collection landing pages.

This way I could have my first level urls such as /ferrari, however I can only have 100 of these collections (more like 90 when you factor in home, cookies, privacy pages etc).

So what would you do? How would you go about setting up the structure of the site so you can still have as many first level urls as you want?

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