CMS URL structure

I have created a CMS collection called “category” and the URL that results is :

In this “category-example” I want to include information and links to other pages, so for example, “category-example” is now “PPC” and the URL will look like this:

Inside this last page there will be links to Google Ads, Facebooks Ads an so on… My desired URL structure will be this: ;

I tried to create this trying to connect different CMS collections but I am not able to find a workaround to create this with the CMS.

I know I can create this structure with Static Pages, but as there is a limit of 100, I would prefer to do it via the CMS if it is possible.
This URL structure is based on what I think will benefit my SEO so if anyone has a better approach to it I would listen to any recommendation.

Has anyone face any similar situation?

Thanks in advance.

Slugs in collections are limited to /collectionSlug/itemSlug paths. There are plenty of other solutions besides webflow if this is a requirement.

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