How do I load multiple collections on one page?

Hi Webflow community,

Im building a website with a few CMS Collections in it. These are all certains products: Let’s call them cars, bikes and skateboards. These are different collection lists because cars has different specs than a skateboard etc.

What I want to do is create a page called “All products” and on this page I select all producs from all collections and make cards for them linking to their specific page. Ordered by something like creation date.

Is there a good solution to this OTHER THAN dumping all in 1 collection and trying to fit all specs into the 30 (or 60 with biz) available fields?

They have a few overlapping fields if that helps. (Like title and price).

Up to 20 collection lists can be added to a page and they could be the same or different collections. You can filter a collection list. Maybe a review of this page will help you get on the road.