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Collection List with Multiple Collections

I’ve had a look in the forum but couldn’t find a definite answer…

How do I create a Collection List pulling in content from different Collections?

Here’s the situation:

We’re re-building our eCommerce stores in Webflow.

We’re using CMS Collections as product categories.

However, we have some pages that require more than one category to be shown in one list.

For example ‘View All Products’ needs to show all products from all Collections. Others such as ‘Products under £100’ we need to pull in products from multiple Collections and then filter based on price.

How do we go about this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can’t seem to open the link you have shared.

No link to share at present!

We’re in the planning stage and we won’t begin until we know we can definitely commit to Webflow.

I think the only way to merge different collection together would be to use CMS API in some form. If all products have similar metadata, then product category should ideally be a field inside a singular collection.

Thank you for your reply.

I guess to help explain this better imagine our situation:

We have products within a ‘driving’ category.
We have different products in a ‘flying’ category.

We then make a page called ‘driving and flying’ and want to choose certain Collection items from each (or even both Collections) and display dynamically on one page.

A product can look like this:


where the category can either be ‘driving’ or ‘flying’. This way you can show all products regardless of category but also use category as a filter to let the user filter the list on it.

Apologies, I am a little confused - I’m not sure what the code refers to?

We want to use a Collection List but pull in content from two separate categories.

We’re not using the Webflow eCommerce, sorry for not making that clear.

Sorry for that being confusing. That isn’t code but I wanted to point out how you can make a single collection for both the categories. Basically one collection will have both driving and flying category products, distinguished by an additional category field.

However, this will only work if the rest of the fields for both the categories are the same.

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Apologies - I see now. This could work, but I have two thoughts:

Urls - Would every product within that category have the same parent url? E.g. /products/driving and /products/flying. For SEO we ideally don’t want this. Ideally we’d like urls to follow the pattern /driving/ferrari - where ‘driving’ is the Collection/static page and ‘ferrari’ is the product within the collection.

Organisation - We have thousands of products, so the idea was to separate these by product type to help keep everything nice and neat. Is there a limit on how many products we could have within a collection?

Yes, that URL won’t be possible (although there might be a way to circumvent this behavior that I currently don’t know). The URLs you will get will be something like /product/product-name

The number of products in a collection is based on the webflow site plan you choose. 2000 in CMS plan and 10,000 in a business plan.

Hmmm… Is this generally a limitation of Webflow?

In terms of the number of products in a collection, is that overall or is there a limit to how many products within an individual collection?

yes, limits doesn’t seem to have changed recently, this post will be helpful to you

► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

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So in conclusion: Webflow really isn’t for content-heavy, large, corporate website in any shape or form?

I also don’t understand these limitations… 100 items per collection? Why? If I can have 10,000 on the Business package, that means having 100 collections!


I just see on your list that 100 items per collection is no longer a limitation?

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 11.51.50

But Webflow says it still is?


Correct, you can now have up to (2000 with CMS hosting and 10,000 with business hosting) of items if you only have a single collection (i.e.: when creating new items in the CMS editor)

You can only have 100 items per collection-list (i.e.: when designing and displayed on a page), but the proper workaround now is use pagination.

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Thank you for confirming.

What if you have multiple collections?

Because of the limitations of urls and collection structure, we will probably have 50 or so collections.

Does that mean we can fill those up as we need to until we hit a total of 10,000 items?

According to my list,

Max number of collections per project: 20 (40 with business hosting)

You cannot have 50 collections for any reason. If you have that many I recommend exporting and using/intergrating with an external CMS.

Yes. If you need more than that I suggest using your own CMS since there won’t be any limitations.

Thank you for confirming!

So in theory a user can have 40 collections with 250 items in each collection if they were to max out their Business hosting.

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That’s one way to see it, or rather, 40 collections with 10000 items distributed among it.

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Me again @samliew!

I’m in the process of setting everything up, hence the questions.

Do Collections have a maximum number of items any more?

For example, if I have the maximum 10,000 Collection items, could they be spread unevenly across 40 Collections?

For example:

Collection 1: 1 item
Collection 2: 99 items
Collection 3: 9,900 items


@radicalrooster did you ever find a clever solution to not being able to combine collection lists? The SEO struggle is real!

It seems the only way to have an “all items” section that points to multiple collection lists would be to settle for a tab structure for each collection list. Not ideal.