Advice on URL structure & CMS Collections Setup

Hello Webflowers – super excited to be here (recently discovered the platform a few weeks ago) and was hoping to get some advice on setting up my CMS collection to balance best practices for SEO and efficiency of design creation. Apologies in advance for the verbose question but I’m stuck and feel like more info the better.

Basically, at minimum, I know we want to have unique URLs for each product, each brand, and each category in our product catalog. The unique product URLs (and pages) would be product detail pages, the unique brand URLs (and pages) would be brand specific pages that would filter to only products from that brand, and the unique category URLs (and pages) would be category specific pages that filter to only products in that product category.

In my mind, this means a Product Collection, a Brand Collection, and a Category Collection and then use reference links amongst them so filtering and sorting works appropriately? Also was planning on creating a “Tags” collection to do some additional filtering, to for instance, create a tag for “Best Sellers” (feel like this is better because we might have a bunch of tags and don’t want to take up more fields on the products collection) So, the resulting URLs would be…

(1) /product/product name
(2) /brand/brand name
(3) /category/category name

and each unique one of them (for every item in each collection) would automatically have SEO material created for them and would all be crawlable and indexed accordingly.

But, I’m torn on this conclusion and would love some more experienced folks perspectives. I’m torn for the following reasons:

(1) We had an existing website at the one point that followed the following URL structure and were told that it was superior for SEO:

   (A) /menu/categories/category name
   (B) /menu/brands/brand name
   (C) /menu/products/brand name/category name/product name

Does the /menu/ part make it somehow superior for SEO? Does the extra long products URL make it better for SEO because it’s a “neat” folder structure? Or, just bad advice?

(2) Some of the most awarded websites for SEO (from a Google Search) appear to follow a direct page model (for lack of a better term) than folders. Example the site, where everything is direct to the top-level domain/product name or /category name and no folder structure at all. So… or

Am I correct in drawing the conclusion that the example is the best case scenario for SEO (but largely achievable because they have a massive team) and that the way I’m proposing doing it in Webflow is somewhat better than the old URL structure we were told was good?

Thanks all.

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