Collection List/Classes

I’m new to Webflow and I made a collection list with items for my portfolio. Each item is a project I’ve done and I’ve entered in all the info for each field for my first project/case study.

My second case study shows all of the text has been transferred over from my first case study, but I can’t edit the text without it affecting the text in the first one. I’m ok with the style being the same, but I just want to change the actual text. Also, I want to change the layout for the second case study, but whenever I try to delete something the element gets deleted in the first case study too. I’ve been playing around with classes and I can’t find a solution. Gah!

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Hi @ashj,

Welcome to the forum! It’s possible that this is a similar issue to one I replied to here: Unlink sections - #3 by mww

If you provide a Read-only link to your website I can take a look!


Let’s say you have a simple collection with only two posts. If you want these two posts to have different looks (even though they’re pulling from the same database) you first drop a collection list element into your page. Style all of the elements for the post. Then, in the settings panel for that list, set its display to “limit items = show1 start at 1”

Add another collection list to the page, style the elements as desired and under settings use: “limit items = show1 start at 2”

You now have two separate designs for two separate items in the same collection list.