Collection List Question


I am using a collection list on my blog page. I want the latest blog to be featured and then several abbreviated versions of the previous blogs below it on the page. I order to achieve this I had to build two collection lists, one for the featured blog and one for the condensed versions.

Through filtering, I was able to negate the redundant post. so page one looks perfect.

My problem is when I switch to the next post only the featured blog changes. How can I make the condensed versions switch also?

I have a sidebar to the right where I’m trying to accomplish the same thing if somehow that would work better.

Is there some way to have all the posts in the same collection list, but just alter the styling of the top blog post? If this can’t be accomplished then I need to go back to square one and figure out a different strategy.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Your read-only link is not working on my end. Can you check on yours and update it if need be?

Thanks for looking. Here’s the read-only Link: