HELP! When I duplicate classes both new and original change as one

Hi, I’ve duplicated a CMS Project because it took me forever to make it and I intend to tweak it for the other Projects, however whenever I try change anything on the new projects such as headers etc ALL THE OTHERS CHANGE TOO.

I’ve tried duplicating the classes/changing them, and adding combo class, but the other projects also change simultaneously.

Completely stuck here, any help with this would be a lifesaver

[Projects, top right. Fire Exit, Steel Doors, Bi-Fold etc are the projects… they all change simultaneously when i want them to act individually]

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Hey @Armaanihus and welcome to the community! :wave:

This is expected behavior and one of the main benefits of using Collections. Think of these like templates for your dynamic CMS content — the static content, and layout of the pages will stay the same between your Collection Items with only the dynamic CMS content varying between each page.

There are a couple of solutions depending on the changes you need, but I’d first recommend looking into conditional visibility:

This will allow you to selectively hide/show content based on variables within your Collection Item (like name, category, etc) so that you can add variety to the pages. Essentially you’d include all of the structure you’d need for any of the pages and set your conditional visibility accordingly.

If you need more significant changes, you can split your Collection into two or more Collections that each have their own Collection page layout. Ideally you’d still have some pages that share the same template (these can be based on categories of project for example) and larger scale changes across these pages would need changes in multiple places, but it gives you the opportunity to completely change the layout of the project pages.

The last option (which is probably the one that’s the least helpful) is using static pages for your projects. This would mean that each project is built completely separate from one another and completely removes the CMS benefits, but if there are only a handful of projects you plan on having then managing these pages is definitely doable. Realistically the CMS is most powerful when you’re leveraging a decent amount of Collection items as not only is there a limit to static pages (100) but making updates to large amounts of pages is super time consuming.

If you’ve got any mockups for the changes between pages that would be useful but that’s only needed if you’re not sure which solution to use.

Hopefully that helps give you some more information but don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any issues or have any questions :+1:

Hi! Thanks for the advice, yeah its a tricky one because I’m looking to change this part on each project page and make it different for each type of service:

As well as the popup text descriptions that happen when you click on one of the texts above:

Is this doable at all, not sure what steps to really go with this as i’m not an expert in Webflow by any means haha!

Thanks a lot

You can add a field to your Collection for that top section, but it get’s a little tricky to make them all correspond dynamically to the popup content you’re trying to have.

I haven’t tested it myself — and it would require a free, third-party solution from Finsweet (CMS Nest) — but it may be possible to create a separate Collection of items for the popup content and then reference the necessary items in your projects Collection:

Basically you’d create a new Collection (ex: Project Offerings), add all of the list items and the content within the popup for each, and then add the corresponding Collection Items for each project within a Multi-Reference field of your Projects Collection.

I’d consider this an intermediate to advanced setup (plus you’d probably need to test viability to see if it’s possible with CMS Nest) so it may be a bit out of your comfort zone. That said, you can probably get away with using one of the alternative options I mentioned in my first reply without too much trouble.

Understood thanks! If I recreated the Project pages as actual pages, aswell as the projects category page would there still be a way to have to category selector:

Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 17.10.51

Any workaround or anything?


I think I’m going to go down the multiple Collections route, would I be able to have one categories page that has all projects on it with the category selections in the above message?

Of course, but things would be a bit more manual since they wouldn’t have the dynamic relationship that they’ve got now. There are lots of ways you can approach that (which is typical for Webflow) so it just depends on the end goal of the project.

Yep, but again this would be more manual than you have it set up now. If you’re only going to have six Projects listed below, then it should be fairly easy to keep these up-to-date without too much extra work. If you had planned on having double that or more, then things can get a bit tedious if you need to update things down the road.