Collection CVS + Images

I’m starting a google spreadsheet to export as CVS. I have 7 product images for each item on the spreadsheet. I do not think there is a way to add images to a CVS so I am wondering what will be the best workflow to make this easier?

Would the proper workflow be to go through all the items in the new collection individually and assigning the 7 pictures each?

Hi @yo_dojo

Although there is technically a way to add images to a CSV, it’s almost never advised to do so. CSVs are best suited for plain text data. You could potentially save a URL of the images in the CSV (there are a couple websites one which you could host them), but it depends on what you plan to use the CSV for. Alternatively, if you keep them in the Webflow CMS (and skip the Google Sheets step) you can export directly from there as a CSV as well.

As a note, any image field or file field URLs that you get from the export will refer to the project the collections was exported from. If you delete it, those links will stop working. Best practice there would be to keep a backup of the original site or to host the image field URLs separately.

I’m not sure if this answers your questions, but I think I need to know a little more about what you plan to use the CSV for.

Thanks for the reply. I have a bunch of physical products with photos. I was creating an inventory of the products with google sheets with the intention of exporting that sheet as a CVS. I’d then use that CVS to create a collection that will be displayed on the product page… I watched the youtube tuts so I think I am on the right track?

Ah, got it. Yeah, definitely on the right track. Because the images are more related to the web design and less to the product inventory itself, it might be best to keep them in the Webflow CMS and maybe use Zapier or something to connect the GSheet with Webflow. Alternatively, using
something like Airtable (which is designed for more robust data types) might let you manage everything while still giving you the ability to export as a CSV. At worst, though, what you’re doing should be fine (and you’ll just have to store the photos in individual cells as URLs).

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Try Airtable instead of GSheet. It’s free for up to 1200 records.

It supports uploading images for each record in your table. Then, when you export as CSV, the images will be URLs that the Webflow CMS import will support.

Or, better yet, since your data will me in Airtable, you can also use a tool like PowerImporter to sync Airtable to the CMS

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