Importing to a collection with names and photos

Quick Question
I have 200 Names Address and Phone Number along with a Photo
I want to upload all to Webflow… But I see Webflow does not allow uploading
Photos only a Path to the Photo. I can already see a huge issue
with the Ecommerce Software if this continues…

So anyway… Any suggestion on how to work around this problem
100 Photos I have with Names…

Help Please.

Hello @Michael_J_Van_Dyke

The way I’ve done has been uploading the images to the cloud and pasting the link on the database spreadsheet.

Thank you Aaron,
I was able to do it with one item.
Only problem is I have 2000 items.

I still bouncing around Zapier seems to be the easiest
work around WebFlows Lack of Power.

Unless Webflow allows product image uploads in the
yet to be Released E-Commerce Engine… Im not sure
its worth all the troubles…
At this point I down graded to the $20 dolla plan
just to take a wait and see what happens
Seems like some body would have put an instructional video
online to show the exact way to do this… I found this one.
the Guy fails quite a few times at first then gets it.
but its not quite what im trying to do but may work.

With Zapier you would have to add one by one, with my method you can add thousands using the csv import option.

I manage e-commerce sites with around 1.5K products

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Well You Good,
I am off on some other projects to day.
Hopefully I can circle back around and
see if I can do it.

This Video Cracks me up…

The Guy is No Doubt Good at his Job.

But he imports some text and never shows the import
on the Webflow page… OK>.

Nor mentions it takes the $45 dolla plan to do it.

Plus he is not importing images…
Its all Good…

Dumb guy question:
How do you get the image urls into the csv in a bulk manner?

Do you have the photos uploaded already?

We do have them uploaded.
What I’m trying to avoid is uploading them into webflow, then manually clicking every picture to get the URL and drop it into the correct cell in a spreadsheet.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous comments if you import a csv into webflow you don’t have to upload them to webflow first, you only need the current link of your image and then use that in you csv file.

Re reading the whole thread I kind of have the filling that you’re confusing the csv with the webflow collection, let me know if this is the case.

How do I add 100s of image urls onto my csv file fields? any idea? I cannot copy paste each one of them as it is time consuming.