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CMS Tab in Designer crashes when a CMS item is selected

In the designer (read only link), selecting the CMS tab on the left hand side, then select the ‘portfolio’ collection, then selecting any item within that collection will make the entire CMS tab crash (instead of opening up the editing screen).

After this crash I am unable to open the CMS tab again until I relaunch the designer (page refresh).

This crash only happens when trying to access this particular collection, the other 3 collections work as normal.

This bug is happening on both Safari & Chrome and on a second Mac I have access to.

This issue has only started today, I have also tried this on old versions of my site via ‘Backups & Versions’. I know the CMS was working properly yesterday, all past versions I tried (up to a week ago) were all having the same crash.

Any and all help is appreciated, I really need to edit this CMS!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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