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BUG - CMS tab not opening collections (since eCommerce beta)

I have noticed that when I press the CMS tab, it opens initially and I can update the existing collection item or add a new collection item. After closing CMS and returning to the main screen, when I then press CMS it does not expand to show the projects. Or… sometimes it shows the projects and I click on the project and Webflow just returns to the main page.

I have tried in Safari and Chrome on a Mac. I am assuming this has started since I joined the eCommerce beta.

Similar to a post in 2017

Sure thanks, but this seems to be happening since the eCommerce functionality has been added, as I am a Beta user.

" As you’re getting up and running, please share your feedback, bugs, and questions in our new ecommerce forum category."

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You’re right, sorry for that! @kkilat and @brjohnson will certainly look into this.

@BUMPandHUSTLE – I haven’t had this same issue while testing with Ecommerce and CMS Collections. Could you provide some more details for us?

  1. A screencast of the behavior you’re seeing, if possible
  2. Any errors displayed in the JavaScript Console
  3. The sitename ( for the project you’re having this issue on


Hi kkilat - thanks for getting back to me. I have sent a message to support with all the relevant info. Problem still persists. Many thanks

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