CMS should be free until Content Editors are added

Hey Webflow Team

I have been thinking. Over the past month I’ve been nail biting whether to use the CMS in projects and switching back and forth based on the client’s budget incurs a lot of extra time to remove CMS bound elements.

Now many of us feel the CMS is expensive but I think a different approach might help those with shorter straws

What if the CMS is included for free (with custom hosting) but only we as the designers could access it, this means charging us for the content editor (client accounts) feature rather than the whole package.
[I don’t see abuse happening here as you don’t give clients your username and password]

I would be able to use this model in a heartbeat as it scales for my clients. Those who can’t afford the CMS would pay me a maintenance fee and if their business one day sees more value in their digital platform, they could then buy a content editor account and I could enable this feature with the click of a button - thats an impressive turnaround time)

You don’t even need to change your pricing model, i can accept $5 for the CMS but I don’t want the risk of the client giving me many extra hours of work when it can be avoided.

This would encourage everyone to use the CMS in all their projects, probably giving much more feedback


Hi @Aidz, the CMS is free when you are using hosting. You only have to pay if you add a content editor or use a custom domain.

I think you bring up some good points :slight_smile: @brryant, @callmevlad

Thanks so much for the feedback on this, I hope this helps!