Basic hosting should include dynamic elements and collections but no additional (external facing) CMS features

So I designed a site thinking I would be able to use custom domain hosting for $5 only to be met with “The site uses CMS features and cannot be used with basic hosting” - It would be awesome if basic hosting included the ability to use dynamic elements in the design and allowed designers to access collections from the internal designer interface only… and the $10 charge would only apply if designers needed a content editor account (hopefully multiple accounts) and access to the external CMS interface, white labelling, and other client based features which I am sure are in the works. This would encourage eventual hosting with Webflow and provide a graduated way to get there:

  1. Free Hosting w/ or w/o dynamic elements
  2. $5 Basic Hosting w/ or w/o dynamic elements, and
  3. $10 CMS hosting w/ or w/o dynamic elements but including external CMS access and client management features
  4. Possibly another tier if you have additional premium features in your pipeline???

It helps if you think of dynamic elements as a core feature and if you think of the ability to edit these dynamic elements (and manage clients) via the CMS as a service.

Not sure how clear all of that was…

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately this is not possible because CMS hosting employs a totally different publishing pipeline compared to Basic hosting. Having a database attached requires CMS hosting.