Cms for existing websites


can CMS be used for websites build before CMS?
I have few websites bulit but I dons seem to figure out how to edit them with CMS.

You will need to pay $20/month/site you want to add CMS functionality to.

Feel free to leave any feedback on that on this thread where we are discussing this New price structure - #70 - Product feedback - Forum | Webflow

Any site, which has webflow subdomain, has CMS for free. Only restriction for now- only owner of an account has a possibility to use it for free.

Emphasis added.

The old 'let 'em use it, get hooked on it and they’ll pay anything to keep it". Given the discussion in said thread, this will not work out for WebFlow very good at all. Couple of tell-tale signs…any official WebFlow empoyee generally avoids any real discussion when commenting and cherry picks the most minor of points (or completely ignores the major points…take your pick) when commenting.

Also, I’ve not seen a notable single comment from any of the more regular employees. Obviously they have been told to stay out of it or are voluntarily holding their say because if they agreed with the majority of commentators, they’d probably get fired because the community would point out ‘hey look, even the employees agree with us’ and that would be bad for WebFlow.

I am most likely not even going to touch it till we see what the fallout will be. I won’t even bother mentioning the CMS to any new clients and sadly, cannot mention it with any real enthusiasm to my biggest client because the price is way out of whack.

Sure WebFlow increased the price to make the CMS not look so over-bearing but that strategy still failed. And yes, I am aware that the cost of the CMS in also part of that increase as well but really…if your whole platform never started that way, and the CMS just hooks into an existing platform, why is this add-on four times more expense that the platform it uses?

Sigh, questions that will hopefully be answered soon by WebFlow as they were not really directed at you particularly but I’m sure someone will read this.

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