Demo CMS Editor

hey guys!
i would love to show my clients how easy the new cms is, especially the live editing feature. right now, a lot of them use wordpress with a template i created in webflow. i would like to offer them a switch to the native webflow cms. both them and me would benefit from the features.

currently there is no demo mode for the cms where people can get a feeling for how easy it is to edit content. but this is a must-have to convince someone in using it! so, a first step for me would be to add a demo mode to a demo site with a demo template for everyone to use in public.

but we have to think further. we have to think of our clients. they are not designers like we are. they can not imagine how their site with their content collections would look like in the cms editor. they don’t want to play with the content of a demo template. they want to play with their own content on their own website! the custom collections we create individually for our clients can be so powerful. a simple demo would not convey that. so a second step for me would be to add the option to enable a second content editor for testing purposes for free. i have two possible solutions in mind. 1) the first month for a second editor is free or 2) the second editor can not save or publish changes.

i think that would lead to much more potential clients wanting to have the new cms. so you guys from webflow would benefit, we as designers would benefit and of course our clients would benefit from that!

think about it!
much love,


Edit: I’m wrong, adding content editor is triggering an upgrade.

Only to be sure it’s clear for you: You can create as much full featured free CMS site you want. You only start to pay when you add a custom domain. So as long as your projects are hosted on a, you pay nothing more than your designer plan. Isn’t that enough to showcase to clients?

nope! it’s not. as i said, i would like my clients to test the cms editor. so they can login and edit the content by themselves.

I want the same. A lot of clients have no clue what Webflow is and what Webflow is capable of. And they don’t want to mess around in Webflow exprementing themselves. What they want is access to the CMS while I’m creating the site.


Yes, you’re right, I’m wrong. Adding content editor is triggering an upgrade. Sorry I missed this part.