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Page limit on collection items?

I have 10 blog posts in a collection. When I try add a new item I get this error:

“You’ve created all the items allowed on your current plan. Upgrade to CMS Hosting to create more.”


The pricing page about the number of static pages says at the end:

“Note, you can create as many dynamic pages with our CMS as you’d like.”

I am on a personal plan and cant find anything about the limit on the number of collection items. What am I missing?

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I am not sure but it seems to be related to the limit on free hosting:

100 CMS items, and 50 form submissions

I do not have 100 items but I have deleted and re created a lot of pages. My guess here is that I have created 100 pages but the deleted ones are being counted.

To test this I cloned the site and it works fine on the new cloned copy. I can add more pages :confused:

My solution was to rename my project then clone it with the original name.

Hello @andyjames Sorry about the collection item limit issue. Can you send an email to ? We’ll take a look at the issue right away.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I have managed to solve it, posted my reply just as you did. Do you still need the email?

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Darn! Scratch that. It worked until I rename my clones site back to the name of the original copy.

@PixelGeek I have sent and email as requested.

@PixelGeek - I renamed then cloned the site. Then renamed it back. I could add items again until I publish the website.

After it is published it gives me the page limit error. Hope this helps.

Hi @andyjames, on the free plan, the number of content items that can be created is 100. If there is a need to create more than 100, then a cms hosting subscription is required. Take a peek here:

If there are multiple collections, and each collection has a few items, all items in all collections count toward the cms hosting limit of 100 items on the free plan.

Once the hosting subscription is added, the 100 limit will be removed.

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